How do you relax? Read a book? Drink a glass of wine? Everybody has their own little go to when they just want to wind down. Mine just so happen to be music. No matter what I’m doing there is a 95% chance that music is involved. Even now as I’m writing this I have my favorite Soft Jazz playlist serenading me.

I like almost all types of music too: country, pop, reggae, classics, Latin. I’m all for it. My favorite music though, I must say is 90s R&B and Hip Hop!


Music just has a way of speaking feelings you can’t express, depending on what you’re listening to, cause some stuff is just like.. what the hell are you talking about?


I encourage you today to make a playlist of some of your favorite tunes and just have a nice little jam session and don’t forget to dance! 🙂


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