Know Your Role, Play Your Part

The statement was made, IF MORE MALES WOULD STAND UP AND BE MEN, THEN MORE FEMALES WOULD SIT DOWN AND BE LADIES. Some would say no, if more females would sit down and be ladies, then males could stand up and be men. Hmm?? What say you?

When in high school, I had a speech and debate teacher that had us argue the opposite of what we believed to be right. It forced us to see both arguments in a different light, as well as allowed us to know what our opponent would try to hit us with. I value the lesson it taught me and it makes for a healthy debate. With that being said…

If more males would stand up first and be men and do the things required of them and not let this world and society that we live in castrate them, then females could see the efforts being made and have no other choice but to fall in line and do their part as a woman. A male that has already grew up to be a man won’t tolerate his female companion standing up as well. And a female that actually wants to operate in her role will have no greater joy than to sit down and be a lady. There can only be one head of a body. One captain of a ship


If females would sit down first and be ladies it will inevitably force a male to take on that role and stand up to be a man. If females would shut up sometimes and stop all the bitching and nagging, then maybe, just maybe a male could start to think more clearer and take the steps to be the man he needs to be. If the world were faced with people with two heads they would look at them strangely, right? If a ship had more than one captain that would be a boatload of confusion, right? So, ladies sit down and be happy being co-captain.

If both parties already know their roles and how to play their perspective parts then there is no need for anyone to have to take the first steps. They can walk in peace and order. Smooth sailing. Which do you agree with more? Comment below 👇 I’m very interested in knowing your argument.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Role, Play Your Part

  1. Tribal Tots says:

    Awesome awesome post!! Personally, I believe the woman should sit down first..understand and operate in her role.. And if the man is not where he needs to be.. Pray for him, lift him up and allow the Father to work His perfect order in the home! Just my two cents!❤️

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