Be the reason someone SMILES today!

You are beautiful. Your hair looks really nice. You are more helpful than you realize. Your smile is quite contagious.

I don’t care who you are everyone likes to be complimented. You should try sharing one with someone, maybe even a complete stranger and make their day just a little more bright! You never know just how much a compliment can mean to someone and what a big difference it could make for them in that particular moment.

I used to work in retail, and I’m telling you the truth as I know it. If I saw a disgruntled customer coming up to me with the attitude in hand and disrespect on their face, as soon as they got close enough, a simple funny or compliment would change their entire demeanor and we could proceed in the peace that I wanted. And, of course, you also have those people that are so hell-bent on remaining in an angry state all you can do is let them stay there cause ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL

Not only will you bring them a little slice of joy, but you’ll feel good about it as well, and if you don’t, go look in a mirror and compliment yourself because you may be the one that needs it the most.

Hopefully you will start a ripple affect and maybe that small compliment will turn into a simple act of kindness! You never know, take the risk and have an awesome day! ☺

thank you

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