What’s Your Inspiration?

Inspiration is defined as: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

I ask you, what stimulates your mind to be creative? In a previous blog, Who’s In Your Corner?, I stated that I have the best supporting cast there is to offer. They are my inspiration. Starting with my husband, who ask me daily if I’ve written a blog for the day, (he holds me accountable to my plans and he doesn’t even know it) all the way to my nephews and nieces, who I hope to inspire and motivate with conversation, as well as these blogs when they get older. In addition to myself, because if you can’t inspire yourself you won’t get anything accomplished.

Whenever I get alerts telling me that one of you liked and/or commented on a blog I wrote it inspires me, it motivates me to continue writing, so thank you 🙂

What’s your inspiration? Family, friends, your lifestyle? No matter what it is, use that inspiration and manifest something great! Mine was simply the people around me and now I get to share and express that greatness with you fine folks! 😉

Find your inspiration to create what you really love.



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