Getting Back to Me

WHAT THE BLEEEEEPPP!!! It has been exactly one year and a week since I wrote my last post. That is crazy right, like girl, “Where you been and what you been doing?”

Simply put, being a mama!! ☺

So, I told myself that I wasn’t gonna be that mama that post constantly about their child, because I didn’t create this blog as a mommy blog but I started to think more about it and I realized that my blog is about me, taking you guys (gals) on this journey, we call life, with me and allowing y’all to peer into my world, how can I do that without posting about one of the absolute best callings in the world? How can I possibly bring y’all along for the ride without telling you just how amazingly fun and sweet my little chicken nugget is? It’s just not possible.

With that said, that’s not what this post is entirely about 😅

After having Jam I didn’t feel like me at all, it took an entire year for me to get back to myself, being able to look in the mirror and start to recognize the chick looking back at me. Physically and mentally I felt like someone else had taking complete control over my life and not in a bad way, at all, just to the point that I was all “Yo, what’s happening?” Let me see if I can help anyone who may need some clearness understand just what I mean by that, it kinda felt like a loved one jumped in my car, didn’t tell me quite where we were going, but I liked the general direction we were headed so I wasn’t concerned.

identity theft

I wasn’t in a state of what they call postpartum depression I was just drained both physically and mentally from the newness in my life BUT I’m glad to say that I’m finally feeling like me again, after a year hiatus, I’m back baby! Feeling better than ever, with a little sidekick to show for my absence. When I say feeling like me again, I simply mean that I’ve reached a level of “Okay, I think I got this.” 😬

While away I enjoyed many moments with Jam, learned A LOT, I started working on a few different projects that I’m so excited to share with you all in the near future and I was able to find me again and gain some mental clarity, which is so important.

So, to any new mama who may be at a point in early motherhood wondering if she’ll ever get back to feeling like herself, I’m here to say, yes ma’am you will. Also, enjoy every moment with your little one because the saying is oh so true, they do indeed grow so fast.

you got this

If you aren’t already make sure to follow me on my Instagram to stay up-to-date on all my life’s shenanigans!! 😁 And as always have a freaking fantastic day and thank each and every one of you for staying here and going on this journey with me, stay tuned. 😊


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