What Happened!?

Welcome back!! It has been 7 years (overly exaggerated) since I’ve wrote anything here for you guys (and, of course, myself)! I have honestly missed y’all and I’m so excited to FINALLY be back to writing and letting you all in on my life 😊

Okay, so first thing first.. I really hope you all have been getting some motivation from somewhere, even motivating yourself, and that you’ve been staying productive. Yes, oh yes, ain’t a thing changed (well something has changed, but we will get to that momentarily) that’s still what we are all about over here because I still want you to be the best you that you can possibly be 😊

Have I been as productive as I should have been or needed to be like I talk about soooo much? Unfortunately, I haven’t ☹ and that makes me feel really bad, y’all just don’t understand, but I have my reasons for being so blah over the past few months since my surprise departure. I have stayed motivated to get back to you guys and gals and continue to help motivate you and get back on my productive track because I got thangs to do, ya feel me? LOL

So, inquiring minds wanna know, where the heck have you been JusMyah!? I just up and abandoned y’all, I hope you can forgive me.. I’m gonna let you into my life riiiigggghhhttttt now..

February 17th, was the last day that I wrote a blog for you all entitled, ‘What Motivates Me!!’, (if you haven’t read it, please go and check it out) and after that I went to visit my in-laws for a little while so I put writing on hold for a minute, thinking ‘I’ll get back to it whenever we return home’ but little did I know that I was gonna start to feel really unmotivated about absolutely everything. All I wanted to do was lay in my bed and sleep, I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t wanna workout with my hubby, I honestly didn’t want to do ANYTHING!! I’m not even exaggerating here, I felt really blah for about three months and on March 8th I found out why that was.. WE’RE PREGNANT!!!! Yay us 😍☺💖 We are overly excited!!


Pregnancy isn’t an excuse for being lazy by no means am I saying that, all I’m saying is that pregnancy can take a toll on your body and being that this is the very first time that I’ve ever been pregnant it hit me HARD!! My body was like ‘yo, what’s happening? Something is changing here.’ I was really dehydrated, I lost about 10lbs, I could not keep anything down (not even water, hence the dehydration part) and I just wasn’t feeling like myself at all, so hopefully you can see why I wasn’t blogging, because how can I motivate you when I can’t even motivate myself? That would just be foolish and I don’t wanna be a fool. So, I took a very long, much needed break. I went on vacation whenever I started to feel a little more like myself. I cleared my mind and just really got back to me, so that I can get back to y’all!

beach life.gif

I plan on writing about my pregnancy in the near future letting you all know how far along I am, what I’ve been doing to ensure that I have a healthy pregnancy and baby, etc etc. BUT, I will not stop blogging about staying motivated and positive. Like I said, I cleared my mind and I have so much that I want to share and hopefully inspire you all with. So, stay tuned and thank you so very much for hanging in there with me even though I’ve been absent. The emails, the likes and follows on Instagram, the asking about if I’m gonna continue. It’s all been appreciated and really touched me that you all want to read about what I have to say. 🙂

Thank y’all and…. I”M BACK BABY!!

welcome back


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