Sew What!?

Sew, I recently invested in a sewing machine and I absolutely love it! I don’t know if I really like it because it’s something new or because it has been keeping me pretty occupied, but either way I’m having sew much fun with it!

Now, with that being said you may ask, what do you sew? How long have you been sewing? And to that I would have to answer I don’t sew much, because I haven’t been sewing long. No experience here!! HELP! 😨


I know a good bit of people who sew, and that helps me out because if I have questions I can always go to them, plus we have this great thing these days called the internet and as you may know Pinterest is one of my closest friends and we share a mutual friend, YouTube, and they have stuck by me in this time of need. LOL

Sew far I’ve only been practicing different stitches and just trying to learn my machine, but I am determined to try out a few things I’ve seen on YouTube and Pinterest lately. Easy stuff, gotta take baby steps here. I’m not trying to be a fashionista and create my own wardrobe, just a hobby to keep me busy while hubby is at work. (I think he is starting to get used to coming home to find me knee deep in some new project.) I mean, in the process if I just sew happen to learn how to make a few skirts and dresses I’m not gonna turn down nothing but my collar haha!!


Sew if any of you sew and have some tips or ideas for me please comment below, all is appreciated. Have a freakin’ fantastic day people!! I’m gonna go sew now 😉


7 thoughts on “Sew What!?

  1. abetterwomancafe says:

    This was sew fun to read. One thing I learned with sewing is to make sure you’re calm and not rushing. Rushing has produced low quality and messy projects, but when you’re calm, happy, having a good time, it’ll show in the project. Happy learning, happy sewing!

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  2. Ciara says:

    One tip I have about sewing is
    Find a fun, cute project 🧵
    Relaxing music 🎶
    A glass of wine 🍷
    And just enjoy!!!
    Trust me you’ll learn fast that way!!!!
    You making me want to get back into sewing 😃
    Thanks SEW much for the inspo 🤗

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    • JusTalk says:

      Yes ma’am, sounds good to me!! But then again I know me.. I’ll start drinking and next thing I know I’m having a full blown concert instead of doing my project haha 😆


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