I Have A Question… Or Some


Do you know you? Of course you do, but I mean do you really know you? Why you function the way you do? Why you think the thoughts that run rapid through your mind? Why you choose to speak certain words?


People often see themselves through an unclean lens or a broken mirror. They never see themselves the way others perceive them. Have you ever had a thought and wondered, why is that popping up in my mind? Or said something and immediately thought, what’s my motive behind those words?

I want to get to know me even more than I do now, to know the inner me. I think I know me pretty well, but it can’t hurt to dig a little deeper, right?


I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but in all honesty I’m just trying to get you to think (which I’m starting to believe is a foreign concept in this world LOL). Below is the link to a few other posts for you to check out to maybe help you with finding out who you really are, take a look:

Those are just a few. You should go check them out, I know I am. Seriously, y’all I really do read my own blogs, they help me. Is that crazy? I mean, I gotta practice what I preach right?!

Anywho, y’all know the drill have a freakin’ fantastic day and go find yourself, the real you! Happy hunting. 😉


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