Freakin’ Fantastic Friday Pt. 2

Yes, indeed, you are absolutely correct. It is Freakin’ Fantastic Friday!! And today I would like to share a blog post that I read a few days ago from Always the Assistant, Never the Boss. I really like their style in this blog, it’s very real and straight to the point. My favorite line in this entire post is this, “the only thing anyone needs to know about what I do or who I am is that I’m happy.”

Yaasssss!! Be happy with you and what you are doing!! I’m all for it, Thank you so much Assistant2Boss for allowing me to share your blog here today! I really appreciate it, continue to write great blogs to share with us and continue to be happy!! 🙂

Here it is folks..

No Explanations Needed

I used to be the type that would tell everyone every detail of my life. I think it was because I wanted there approval so bad that I couldn’t help but explain everything. 

Now that I’m on this journey to becoming the boss of my life I’ve learned the approval of my life I need is mine. Fuck everyone’s else’s opinions I live for me. 

When I stopped telling people things they took it as I was either hiding something or I didn’t care about them. This is obviously not the case so I had to explain that the only thing anyone needs to know about what I do or who I am is that I’m happy. As long as I’m genuinely happy who cares about the other details. Just let me do me…

Read More Here

Please go read the entire thing, because it’s awesome and while you’re there you might as well go ahead and check out other posts from them also. Follow, like, share, comment, and let them know JusTalk sent you.

As always, have a freakin’ fantastic day!

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