You Are Just a “Stay At Home Wife”

I often get asked, because of my age (22) and the fact that I married at what people may say is “early”, if I work and/or go to school. You should see the looks on these peoples faces when I simply say, “no, I’m a homemaker (aka stay at home wife, I’m not a huge fan of that term, but we will use it for clarity.)” You would think I just disrespected their ancestors, it’s that serious. I mean they’re all like, “why?” “do you have children?” “you have so much potential.” “you should definitely think about it.” and I’m just like think about what?


Why didn’t you ask me if I’m happy and content being a “stay at home wife”? Why do people automatically assume it’s a bad thing to stay at home? Let me be the first to tell you, it’s freakin’ awesome!! I’m a “stay at home wife” that does not mean I’m lazy, stupid, or uneducated.


Would it be more suitable for YOU if I said that I’m a chef, I’m a housekeeper, personal assistant, motivational coach, blogger, online buyer, etc. because I’m all of those things and whenever I become a mom please believe my résumé will most certainly grow, but then it will be acceptable, right?

Don’t worry this isn’t a post only about being a “stay at home wife”, but simply about being happy with whatever it is that you do regardless of what others may say and think. If you’re at peace and happy with what you do, then it’s not mine or anybody else’s job to speak negatively about it. I have learned and did so much more than what I was able to achieve when I was out working a 9-5 helping someone else accomplish their goals, now I can accomplish my own.. at home!! Don’t get me wrong you have women who do both, work in and outside of the home, I mean look at Mrs. Claire Huxtable..


She did everything LOL!! All I’m saying is do what works for you and makes you happy! Me staying at home works for me and my husband, we’re a team, this is a partnership. He does his part and I do mine and that makes me happy!!

What makes you happy? What is your outlook on the “stay at home wife”? I would love to know please feel free to comment below 👇 (unintentional rhyming LOL)!

**Shoutout to all my beautiful people doing what makes them happy!! And, of course, have a freakin’ fantastic day 🙂

13 thoughts on “You Are Just a “Stay At Home Wife”

  1. renxkyoko says:

    My Mom was a stay at home homemaker who took care of 3 children, also had a successful catering business who did her business at home. She was up and about at 5 Am and be in bed way past 12 midnight. Ask her what she does and she’d tell you a stay at home mom.

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    • JusTalk says:

      What most people fail to realize is that IT IS A JOB!! I can only imagine what it’s like raising 3 children as well as having your own business. Much respect to your Mom and thank you for commenting. 🙂

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  2. J L Hunt says:

    Well, you have to do what works for you.

    Most of us, would LOVE the “Financial Freedom” of being able to do what we REALLY ENJOY doing.
    Making our schedules at our leisure…whether that is outside of the home, or a work at home hobby or career.

    I think most people question it, because unless you are involved in some kind of activity…most would assume you’d eventually get bored.

    So, if you’re in a financial position where you have the luxury of choosing to do what YOU really want to, then kudos to you 🙂

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    • JusTalk says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to share your opinion. I agree in some aspects and in others I disagree.. “financial freedom” yes if you are blessed enough to be able to stay home that’s awesome but at the same I believe, and this is just my opinion no facts, that a person should always do what they enjoy even if it just starts out as a hobby (me and my blogging for example) and people assuming you’d get bored you’re absolutely correct you HAVE to find an activity to keep you occupied and not just sitting on your butt all day. I would hope that anyone that’s able to stay home, as a wife or mother, wouldn’t take that for granted and would keep themselves busy so that they wouldn’t get bored. Believe me, it’s a lot easier said than done but it’s very very possible. 🙂

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  3. aletterfromhome says:

    I left my job at age 32… no kids, but successful husband. I have a degree, and 3 months later people are still proffering me with questions about employment.
    “No, I’m not working” … “No, I’m not looking.”
    Then comes the NEED to justify my homemaking – which I’ve turned into a monotonous spiel about volunteer work. Which, when said in the wrong tone of voice, sounds less like a factual response and more like bragging.

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    • JusTalk says:

      I know all too well what you mean, especially about the NEED to justify, ugh!! It’s just like I’m happy and my family is taking care of, let it go lol. Continue to be a beautifully happy homemaker!! And thanks for taking the time out to read my post 😊😊

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