Freakin’ Fantastic Friday

Hey, hey you beautiful people!! In my recent post, New and Improved!, I stated that I would be adding a new category and here it is, Awesomeness, all of it’s posts will be under the Freakin’ Fantastic Friday tab!! I’m really excited about this one! 🙂 This category will be specifically for ANYTHING that I find that I think to be awesome. Something I read that I found interesting that week, a picture I see that I like, a random quote that I wanna share with you all, and so on. Literally anything that’s freakin’ fantastic in my eyes!! I will be doing this every Friday, unless I tell you otherwise so get ready!

To kick this new category off I’ve chosen a blog piece by Jay Colby, who is a fantastic blogger. I really like his content and how he writes. I would like to thank him for allowing me to include his piece here, I really appreciate it.

This post is encouraging people not to wait to go after your dreams and goals and I agree with that 100%

“Don’t wait till January 1st to start chasing your dreams. Any resolution important enough to make for the New Year, is important enough to start right now”

This year is coming to a close with less than a month to go. Many of us have been asked by friends or family members “Do you have any new year’s resolutions for the new year”? There is a huge misconception that we have to wait till January first to decide what “New Year resolutions” are. I remember doing this as a kid every year at midnight my whole family would go around the room and say our new goals for the new year.  This programmed my mind to think at an early age I can only make new goals with my life at the beginning of the year. As time has pasted  I’ve learned this is simply not the case.

New Goals

For example, we say we want a better job, we want to start a new workout plan, we want to improve our financial situation, etc. But for many of us these resolutions never come to fruition. The truth is that nothing is going to change until we’re completely honest with ourselves …

Read More Here

I encourage you to go read the entire post and check out his other blogs. You won’t be disappointed. While you’re there follow, like, share, comment and let him know JusTalk sent you!

Well, that’s all folks, have a freakin’ fantastic weekend! 🙂

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