It’s Just Cheesecake

Always delicious, right!? Like any time of the day I am ready for some cheesecake!



Always look the part. You never know who you are gonna run into so you might as well look presentable all the times.


Okay, now that you know my love for cheesecake and how I think you should always try to look your best, let me tell you what happened..

Now this is a story all about how.. my husband and I were travelling to a different city to take care of some business.

*I’m gonna be in the truck all day, this is a 2 1/2 hour trip to do dirty work (had to go to the tow yard, different story for a different day) so there is no need for me to look all cute and fancy.


Now that you know my thought process let’s get back to what happened lol!

As we are finishing up our business at the junk yard my loving husband looks at me and says, “hey, you wanna go to the cheesecake factory?”

*I’ve NEVER been to the cheesecake factory and you now know my love for cheesecake. There is no way I was gonna turn that down. Okay, let’s get back to it..

I say, “yes sir, of course, let me put it in the GPS and we can be on our way.” As we are getting closer I realize the scenery, the atmosphere, the surrounding areas are changing. I mean the neighboring restaurants had valet parking. The mall that was just around the corner had a freakin’ Saks Fifth Ave. Now, maybe to some of yall that’s no biggie, but to me, this lil country girl from South Carolina, I’m just like I ain’t prepared for this today. So we get there and I’m in the truck trying to make the best out of my comfy outfit (nothing could help me smh lol) but I made it work. We get on the inside and of course on a Friday afternoon nobody was at work, no-no, everybody NEEDED cheesecake from that particular Cheesecake Factory and they all just got finished shopping. It was packed and everybody looked the part to match the setting.


*I’m sure I am over exaggerating, but this is my side of the story 🙂

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time there, met this really nice couple and had an interesting conversation with them, the food was good, and my red velvet cheesecake was everything I needed it to be, but know this, I WILL RETURN TO THAT CHEESECAKE FACTORY TO REDEEM MYSELF and look the part because I can and I should.

*At least that’s what I keep telling my husband so we can go back, he says I really just want more cheesecake haha! He knows me 😉

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