Not Your Average Pep Talk


Many people struggle with thinking too highly of themselves. There is a vast difference between being confident and being arrogant and I believe people tend to confuse the two.

I’m all for people being confident in who they are, rather than being doubtful in their existence, but once you cross over that line and start to exaggerate your own importance it’s just like, please stop and humble yourself. You know that person I’m talking about, we all do. (It may be you, so listen carefully, so we can crush that now.)


You are an amazing person!! BUT the sun did not rise just to wake you up.

We all need to come to the realization of facts over feelings, because sorry to break it to you, but your feelings don’t mean crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel and shouldn’t have emotions, (we don’t need to walk around like some robots by no means) but don’t get so caught up in your feelings that you are blinded to the truth. That is where you make your first mistake and it’s just downhill from there. Whenever you start to get all in your feelings stop, take a moment, and think is this really necessary! Am I overreacting to reality? Am I putting my feelings, and what I think of myself, before actuality?


What does this have to do with thinking too highly of yourself? It all goes hand in hand. Once you start to put your feelings over what’s real, you start to develop an arrogant way about yourself.

**Damn JusMyah! Is this supposed to be a motivational pep talk, cause it doesn’t FEEL like it.**

Lol Yes!! I’m just simply trying to provoke you to be the best you can possibly be without being conceited and thinking it’s all about you. That’s all. I hope this reaches the right person. And please remember not only do I write these blogs, but I also read them. So, it hits me first before I shine the light on it for you. 🙂

As always have a freakin’ fantastic day, stay productive and humble!

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