New and Improved!

Hey, hey, you beautiful people! I’m happy to announce that the remodel of JusTalk is complete!! Yay!! 🙂


I’m so excited. I like this layout so much better than the previous layout, I’m still working out some of the kinks, but for the most part I’m content with how it is so far. If I decide to make any other changes I will let y’all know cause I like to keep y’all updated on things. This isn’t just MY blog, this is OUR blog, you enjoy it too. So, with that, I wanna make sure you all know what’s all going on here.

Depending on how you view this blog, determines how the layout is for you.

Like, if you’re on your computer/laptop the menu is displayed across the top like so


or if you are on your tablet/phone the menu is in the drop down button here


In both sections we have:

Just Motivation – which contains all of your inspiring, stay motivated and encouraged blogs.

Personal Talk – this is where I will start to keep you updated on my private life, and where you can find extra posts that aren’t related to being motivated to do things!

Read Me First– well.. go read it.

And there is much more for you to check out. I will start a new category at the end of this week I’m not gonna tell you what that is quite yet but stay tuned, I believe you will really like and enjoy it. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a reply below. Thanks in advance!! Go explore the new site and have an amazingly beautiful day!!


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