Why I Talk to Myself!

Do you talk to yourself? I don’t mean like a crazy person planning world domination, pinky-and-the-brain

but do you ever just say aloud, “I’m a cool person”?

I will be the first person to raise my hand and say, yes I do talk to myself!! Listen, sometimes you just gotta consult with yourself, hahaha!!

In all seriousness though, talking to yourself can be very helpful in your everyday life.

Speaking things aimed to affect the conscience or sub-conscience mind (affirmations) can change your life for the best if done frequently and positively. Think about it, if you woke up this morning and said, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I’m gonna be tired all day”, you will act out that thought throughout the day versus if you had said something along the lines of, “Today is gonna be a productive day and I’m gonna accomplish all my goals set for the day.”

Your words and your thoughts affect you on so many levels. Change the way you speak, change the way you think, change your life. For some, they will say it’s not that easy, but my question is, have you tried it? And I’m not talking about just for a day, because nothing happens in just one day. You gotta keep going. Repeating affirmations is kinda like a muscle, you have to continue to work on it to see change. If you stop because you’re not seeing the change you want then you can’t expect things to be different. Once again, change the way you speak, change the way you think, change your life!!

Just a few affirmations to get you on the right track:

“I play a big role in my own success.”

“Today is going to be a beautiful day!”

“Every problem has a solution.”


I will let you into my life for a second and tell you one of my personal affirmations, “I am disciplined and in complete control of myself.” Feel free to use it if need be 😉

Lastly, YOU MUST BELIEVE YOUR AFFIRMATIONS.  It would be pretty pointless if you didn’t believe the words you speak. So, starting today think up some of your own personal, positive, life changing thoughts and start talking to yourself LOL (don’t answer yourself though, that’s taking it way too far into a distant place hahaha).

Feel free to comment some helpful affirmations for others below 👇 and as always have a freakin’ fantastic day! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Why I Talk to Myself!

  1. Fab Writings says:

    This is awesome!
    At times, I say to myself “you did an awesome job” but a few understand that it’s not bragging it’s about building self confidence… And developing yourself!
    I got to know about your post by matters of living in the power post, I am really glad I could read your posts…
    Would you like to visit mine?

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