It’s Your Life

I recently read the book, Life Is What You Make It, by Peter Buffett, and I really relate to what he talked about. Not that my father is Warren Buffett LOL, but that no matter your circumstances, your life is exactly that, your life.

However, you decide to live your life and be successful is totally up to  you.

Success. How do you define success? So many people’s definition includes money, a form of security. By no means am I saying that that is wrong or unrealistic-hey, if you believe that if you are making tons and tons of money you have apparently reached the mark and success is your middle name, who am I to deter you from that? After all, life is what YOU  make it. My definition of success certainly included money, until reading this book. Now I have a different outlook on what success actually means.. to me.


There’s this poem included in the book by Taylor Mali, concerning what he makes (in terms of earnings/money) and this excerpt will certainly attest to the answer he gave after being asked…

You want to know what I make?

I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could..

I make parents see their children for who they are and what they can be…

I make kids wonder,

I make them question.

I make them criticize.

I make them apologize and mean it.

I make them write.

And then I make them read.

You want to know what I make?

I make a damn difference! What about you?

Read entire Poem Here

How do you define success? I’m curious to know, feel free to comment below. 👇 (Haha, it rhymed 🙂) I highly recommend this book. It was a great read and if you like my blogs I’m almost certain you will like this book as well, so go check it out.

Well beautiful people, as always, have an amazing day!!

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