I Am Not Your Guru

So, a friend of mine told me that I should watch this documentary on Netflix called, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, and I absolutely loved it! Documentaries are not my thing, I’m just gonna be honest here. If I’m gonna watch something on Netflix please believe me that a documentary isn’t anywhere on the list. But it’s time for new things in my life so, yeah.

Anyway, at this particular point in my life I’m all for making myself better, and if in that process I can possibly help someone else oh my gosh I’m so freakin’ happy for the both of us. That’s what this documentary was all about, helping people face fears, open up their eyes to their true problems and not masking their problems with other problems. Getting right down to  the root, the source, of what’s really going on.

I highly recommend it to anyone that is on this path of making themselves better! He doesn’t care about your feelings and emotions so if you’re a sensitive person, prepare yourself, ’cause it gets real 🙂

As you know if you read my Miracle Morning post I don’t like to give away all the goods, I would prefer if you would check it out for yourself, so you can experience the true goodness that it has to offer, so nothing has changed go check it out on Netflix or any other place you can find it, it’s truly worth it if you’re ready to take a step on the path to a better you. Although, I will provide you with this quick little trailer (I don’t think it does it any justice, it’s that good) below 👇 Have a great day people!!

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