Today’s To-Do List

Do you ever slow down to enjoy the small things in life? Things people often take for granted? I know I do. I can get so busy and caught up in my everyday life that I don’t stop to just enjoy the simple things this world has to offer. I’m so busy making sure that I get everything accomplished, that I forget to enjoy the little moments because there is always something that needs to be done, you know like,

  1. Grocery Shopping
  2. Pay Bills
  3. Clean Bathrooms
  4. Laundry
  5. Etc.

So, today I decided that I’m gonna make a totally different to-do list. A list where I can still do the things that need to be done but I can also enjoy the simple things that can mean so much.


  • Breathe – inhale peace, exhale conflict
  • Sing – as you do the more important things of today
  • Laugh – not everything has to be so serious
  • Love – show it, give it, receive it, embrace it
  • Show Kindness –  to everyone you come in contact with today simply because they deserve it!

I believe I can accomplish everything on the to-do list today, can you? If not, make your own list, just make sure that you are enjoying the simple things.

Have a wonderfully Productive day! 🙂

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