Self Love

Do you love yourself? Of course!! That’s the hallmark answer, but I mean truly love yourself. There is only one person that you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with and that’s you. So, you might as well fall in love. There is a difference between being arrogant, egotistical about yourself and loving yourself. Know the difference. Don’t be cocky. Just love yourself!

Love yourself enough to care about your health, your well-being, your character, your reputation. You are a great person. Everyone has their own weaknesses and failures, but if you are truly working on bettering yourself (which you should be) you are doing much better than the majority, don’t be so hard on yourself,  You Are Your Greatest Work. Know that, live by that. As soon as you learn to really love you and who you are then, and only then, will you know how to love someone else.

Enjoy your day and fall in love with you! ❤

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