Civil War

I don’t understand!! Innocent black people are being murdered for what? The color of their skin? It hurts not only the families and friends of these people but an entire community, an entire “race” of people. THIS IS WAR. Too many people are far more concerned about the wars and problems of other countries instead of dealing with this war that is taking place right in our very own back yard.

I will not get on here and write “white people are this and white people are that” because that’s knocking all white people and that’s not the case, neither is it “all cops are corrupt and evil” but what it is, is some white cops are using what they think to be power in the wrong way. They say they’re protecting and serving, well my question is and always has been, WHO ARE YOU PROTECTING AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SERVING??

They say it’s not a war on black people, so tell me who is it a war on? Criminals? Show me a legit criminal record that deserves to have an innocent life taken. And if that be the case, why let this terrible criminal out of the prison they were in? Is it guns? Show me the weapon that these people had on them. You know what I think it is.. FEAR!! Good ol’ fashioned fear. More black people are becoming aware of this war and it’s not the 1800s where they can’t do anything about it, no-no you have given us the opportunity to read, to write, to become something more than what you expected us to be and that scares you because regardless if blacks know it or not, you know what we are capable of being, you know that if we truly open our eyes and see the world that’s around us we could possibly retaliate and that scares the living hell out of you.

So kill off men that are apart of their child’s life, kill off the women that are far too knowledgeable of the world that they live in, kill off the innocent children just for that being AN INNOCENT CHILD!! Because that will fix the problem of “these people” being awaken to their full potential!! That’ll teach them.. Bullshit, they say you should let sleeping dogs lie, so what do you think will happen if you go stomping around the dog house? You’re gonna wake him up and it’s not gonna be a pretty sight.

What EXACTLY is your plan when #blacklivesmatter is no longer just a hashtag but a retaliation in full force with no regards of the damage they do because you’ve already taken everything from them?

Oh I know, you’re gonna protect and serve, right?

Well, so are they.

And if you are confused about who this “YOU” is that I’m referring to.. Think really hard and long about it.

Have a beautiful day people.

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