Just Talk, Literally.

Do people know how to really communicate with others these days? I mean with so much technology advancing everyday, do we really know how to truly talk to each other? Have texts, direct messages, and leaving comments taking the place of actually voicing your words? These are questions that I really want answers for.

I know that I can better express myself through writing, but does that mean I’m not successful at communicating verbally? I believe some people can do both.


Before I got married so many people told me that communication is very valuable and important, I didn’t truly realize how important until I got married. My husband can’t read my mind and I can’t write him a letter or note any time I need to express something to him. It doesn’t work that way. I didn’t fully grasp just how bad I was at communicating until we started living together and I was compelled to have to share my feelings and what’s going on in my head. And as a female, we have far too many feelings and emotions that go on up there, things don’t have to be as complicated as we tend to make them. I’m learning that now and I’m so grateful that I’m noticing this stuff early (we’ve only been married 2 months) because I can work on it now, sooner than later.

I love the fact that I can see things in myself and instead of flipping out, work on those things to be a better me!! 🙂 That’s all anybody wants for themselves anyway, right? To be a better them than they were? Being married is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. So, with that being said I would like to share a small but MAJOR tidbit with anyone who desires to be or is currently married.. COMMUNICATE, your spouse can’t read your mind. They may be able to discern your attitude or body language, (that’s a topic for another day) but they can’t read your mind. And neither can I so express yourself below 👇 Have a great day people, go talk to somebody you love! 😉


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