Dream or Reality

A man lay asleep in his warm, comfy bed, completely relaxed. His mind is at ease, no worries or stresses, and his mind drifts off to that place where all things are possible. He starts to see the life he has always wanted. Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually stable and happy with his life and being.

The sound of his alarm clock goes off and he wakes up from his dream, goes to his job, where he isn’t happy and isn’t going anywhere in the company. He continues his life the same way he always has and awaits the time when he can go back to his warm, comfy bed.

Another man sits on a train and lets his mind take him to that place where all things are possible. He sees his life as he has always wanted it, to be happy and satisfied with his being. To know his purpose.

The train stops, he gets off and heads to the nearest bookstore, before going to his current job. While at the bookstore he purchases a ton of self-help books and things on making the best of your life. He goes into work and asks his boss what can he do to grow with the company. He takes notes. He starts to do these things daily, with his boss behind the scenes watching his every move and admiring his ambition to be better. He doesn’t wait to start reading his new found books, but starts right away and makes goals of what he needs to do and how he need to do things to get to that place where he has always wanted to be, happy and content with his life.

Both men had a dream to be a better person with the life they both wanted. The major difference is that man #1 didn’t do anything to make his dreams a reality, whereas man #2 saw what he wanted and went after it blindly, taking the risks that most people are too afraid to take. While man #1 is still only dreaming about the life he wants, man #2 is living his dream, and making new dreams, which he turns into new goals to be accomplished.

Will you be like man #1 or man #2? The choice is yours to make. 🙂

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