Everyone wants to be in good physical shape, right? That’s important. Working out is good for your health. I’m all for weights, leg days, sit-ups, let’s eat healthy and have a few cheat days, all for it, but push-ups…


WHY!?! Who did one of these and said yes, that is a great way to gain arm strength? No.

As you may know if you’ve read About Me, I’m married to a Marine and working out is his favorite pastime, like I said I’m all for it, but when we go workout together and he decides it’s time to do some push-ups I’m like, “I thought you loved me” LOL the struggle is extremely real. It amazes both of us that I would rather do weights (because that’s easier for me for some strange reason) or even legs, and nobody likes leg day, but me! If I could only do legs I would!! But I want the rest of me in great shape too, so I have to do other things as well.

lie down

The other day, on our way home from the gym, I was thinking maybe if I change the way I think about push-ups it would change my whole outlook on them. If I told myself, “JusMiah, you can do this girl! Just take it one push-up at a time, you got this.”, then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t cringe at the thought of push-ups. Change the message, change the person, right? So if I changed the way I think about them, hey I may just come to like them 🙂

I did 10 push-ups yesterday and 20 this morning, to you that may just be like okay whatever,

chuck norris.png

but for ME, I’m like, YAAAAAYYYY!! YOU GO GIRL!!

I wrote this literally just to help you see that if you change your thought process about the stuff you think is too difficult for you, you may surprise yourself. I’m currently looking at push-ups as my Goliath LOL!! Come at me push-ups!

nailed it

6 thoughts on “Push-Ups!

  1. Sister Kelly says:

    LOL… Sis this is funny!!!. I know the feeling of PUSH-UPS. I have been trying to get myself together as well with working out…I did like 7 push-ups the other day and i was proud of myself… keep them push-ups coming sis…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

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