Beautiful Day

Mark Twain once said, give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life. That doesn’t seem too hard, to just give it the chance, the opportunity, the possibility to become a great freakin’ day, don’t kill it before you even give it a chance. Don’t use this day to continue to live in yesterday’s sunlight. Life is too short and it’s a new day to be able to renew any task or obstacle you need to overcome.

Let the past remain in the past, which can be a difficult thing to do when you are constantly looking behind you.

not going that way

Open your mind to new possibilities and give today the opportunity that you, may, did not give yesterday. You can only go as far as you allow your mind to carry you, so give it the chance to carry you into the most beautiful day of your life! And give tomorrow the same chance! 🙂

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